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Since the ancestor Wu Zhenchun has established Wenzhou Lihua Iron Factory in 1935—the earliest factory that engaged in ship motor repairing in Wenzhou.

In 1952, after experience of 8 years’ war, great war of liberation. Wenzhou Lihua Iron Factory has entered into public-private joint management with the trend of history. Over 20 years change, Wenzhou Lihua Iron Factory was ever the model of Wenzhou Machinery Industry, has cultivated several mechanical technicians but also contributed to the beginning of Wenzhou mechanical industry.

1985 in the initial stage of reform and open, the descendant of Mr. Wu Zhenchun has established private enterprise of automatic instrument and control equipments: Wenzhou RICH Measure and Control Equipment Co.,Ltd, became the first high new technique enterprise that specialized in researching, developing and producing intellectual valve actuator. Now the valve actuator produced by our company has become the famous product.

2005, in order to seek greater development, the board of chairman has decided to establish RICH Technology Development Co.,Ltd in Ningbo Zhejiang, to produce environmental protection products for electric power plant: sulfuric acid. Thus the company has became the first high technology enterprise that independently researching and developing desulfurization catalyst with intellectual property, filled the gap in nation, has contributed to the environmental protection career.

In the progress of history and society, faced with the unique hammer left by ancestor, although it has no sharp edge, but it has created one refulgence after another, which is the spirit of RICH.