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Company Mission: Pragmatic, innovative, surpass and pursuit of the world's advanced level
Company Objective:In pursuit of excellent quality, create famous brand enterprise, work together to create perfect life and create a harmony society
Company Spirit:Honest, responsible, solidarity, confidence, trouble shooting and initiative.
Enterprise value:Respect 、harmonious and win-win
Business features:
for the enterprise to solve the technical problems in the process of production, technical research.
Management Policy:To make friends with frankness: win the customer through honesty and integrity
To develop with innovation: there would be no market and development without innovation.
To survive with quality: quality is the soul of products and bad quality would take away the life of products.
To keep credit with service: excellent turnkey service to solve all problems for our customers.
To gain market with improvement: continuously improve the competitive edge to keep and gain market.
Quality Policy: Initiative and innovation, Honest and Trustworthy, top-ranking brand, Value-added Service, continuous improvement, customer satisfactory.
Enterprise team consciousness:believe in yourself, trust the team, because confidence, so successful, we are the best team
Enterprise vision: to establish a modern enterprise mode, create international, one hundred, walk the road of socialist common prosperity